Latest news

  • Crowd funding campaign coming soon

    We are proud to announce that we will be launching a crowd funding campaign with the goal to raise € 10 mill in order to complete the full project, including large scale testing and verification of carbon removal by marine snow.

    We have developed a blockchain platform selling future carbon offsets.

    We will make available 350 000 carbon offsets / securities at a discounted price of €30 per ton. Current market price is average € 90 per ton.

    More information coming soon.

  • First phase funding completed

    We are happy to announce that we have secured sufficient funding to complete the first testing and verification phase. With support from Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research council we are now testing and verifying our new lab technology and methodology to better measure carbon uptake in phytoplankton. Results form this project will lay the foundation for phase two, where we develop the verification system to quantify carbon uptake by marine snow and potentially other Ocean fertilization approaches. We are completing this project together with NORCE Norway and Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (IZOR) in Split, Croatia.

  • GEA Carbon Capture chosen to join the Carbon Removal accelerator

    We are very exited to have passed through to stage two of the Carbon Removal accelerator. This gives us access to expert advice, direct connection to customers and also funding opportunities in the carbon removal industry. Being elected to phase two confirms that external experts accept our ocean CDR approach to be an important contribution to explore and test in order to find solutions to the ever pressing problems of global warming.

  • Gea275 selected as one of 100 startups to the Blue Invest Readiness Assistance

    Being selected as one of the start-ups for the cycle 5 of the Blue Invest Readiness Assistance proves that our technologies are important contributions in reaching the goals of the EU long term sustainability strategies. With the help of our mentor Drazen Nikolic, we are developing documentation and strategies necessary to increase our investment readiness. Although we have a strong and knowledgeable team, we find it very encouraging and motivating to get the tailored assistance in reaching the ultimate goals of the program, to be eligible for up to EUR 2 mill in EU grants.

  • Stasa Puskaric, the Croatian professor in the Ice on Fire documentary

    Exiting things are happening and in June 2017 our very own Dr. Staša Puškarić was filmed and interviewed by Director Leila Conners for the ICE ON FIRE feature documentary filmed by Harun Mehmedinović, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way ProductionsTree Media Group, and Home Box Office (HBO). This documentary highlights potential global solutions to the worlds most pressing environmental problems. Dr. Stasa Puskaric explains how marine snow, and our GEA@275 technology can be used as a drawdown method.

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