Our Team


Dr. Stasa Puskaric

Our lead scientist and the brain behind the technology which could help us save the ocean and beat global warming. He is currently teaching at RIT Croatia, and the students know him as a fair, creative and extremely knowledgeable professor.  He is far from mainstream, and is passionate about ecology and saving our planet from global warming, climate change and ecosystem collapse.  More

Hanne BW

Hanne M. Edvardsen Jelavic

Our CEO and founder of GEA Carbon Capture and co-founder and managing director of Beat Global Warming. She is a previous student of Dr. Puskaric, and her environmental activism was awakened during the environmental science classes at RIT Croatia. She is an optimist, a creative soul and a problem solver. As a mother of three young children she is passionate about saving the planet for the future generations. More


Mladen Vukmir

Our diplomat, lawyer and specialist in negotiation and patent protection. He and Dr. Puskaric are lifelong friends and have been partners in this project since the beginning. He works on making the world a more just and tolerant place, and is passionate about saving our planet for generations to come. More

Dr. Vanja Vejzagic

Our CFO has a PhD in Environmental Management Accounting and knows Dr. Puskaric for many years. He strengthens the project and business entities with his knowledge of accounting and financial management. He is the father of two young children and is highly motivated to save the world for the future generations. More