Our Approach to Geoengineering

GEA@275TM is a new type of bio-carbon capture technology and as such a geoengineering technology. The technology will store carbon dioxide geologically on the deep ocean floor.

GEA@275TM falls in the category of carbon geoengineering, which aim to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in order to mitigate global warming caused by the greenhouse effect. The other geoengineering category is solar radiation management (SRM) or solar geoengineering.

GEA@275TM bio-carbon capture must not be confused with another type of bio-carbon capture and storage (Bio-CCS) where the CO2 produced from bioenergy is captured and stored. GEA@275TM aims to store emissions directly in the biomass. This Bio-CCS has limitations because biomass is currently a limited resource.

Furthermore, GEA@275TM must not be confused with traditional ocean fertilization. Also this Bio-CCS method has limitations because the growth of phytoplankton triggers grazing of higher organisms and the CO2 is returned through system respiration back to the atmosphere.

Geoenginering can potentially neutralize the negatives of anthropogenic global warming. Such technologies can contribute to the carbon-negative economy and can buy us some time until our society is carbon-neutral. However, it is essential that the technologies are researched and safely tested before implementation.

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