Remote underwater censoring system

The biggest problem we, and many other ocean researchers face is the poor understanding of the ocean. Using traditional approaches of sailing around the oceans and taking seawater samples will not provide the updated and current information we need. We are developing a new and advanced underwater sensing and software analysis platform that gathers intelligence and monitors the water column in real-time using a combination of specifically calibrated bio-optic and bio-acoustic sensor technology as well as machine learning. Our system will be able to collect real time data and monitor all parameters of the euphotic zone. Our system will also be very useful for algae prediction, and Norwegian salmon farmers have showed interest in our system.

We are currently building the prototype Photosyntetron which is necessary for accurate incubation of water samples. We are measurig and modifying specific sensors and have started the software development. We are in dialogue with several potential project partners for the full R&D project, and are working on the application for Norwegian R&D grants available for us, with deadline September 2020. We have divided the R&D Project in two phases of four years. Below is a scenario of which programs we will apply for and timeline.

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