Understanding the Ocean Living Cycle

The oceanic living cycle regulates concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and therefore regulates the impacts of global warming and climate changes. Currently this ocean cycle is poorly understood. We must develop a new laboratory protocol to accurately measure and model carbon fluxes in the oceans. Our scientist and oceanographer, Stasa Puskaric, is an expert in Cycling of the organic matter in the ocean ecosystems.

The GEA@275 project will open new frontiers in the design of underwater survey systems by increasing performances and efficiency of equipment, and define new paths for easier interpretation of raw data.

To accomplish the scientific objective of the GEA@275 project, we plan to structure a new type of remotely operated CTD vertical profiler and two newly designed types of water samplers, which will provide undisturbed samples of water.

We are currently looking to gather a highly skilled, experienced and motivated partnership consortium which is necessary for successful accomplishment of all the goals of our proposed research, and development of the new line of underwater surveying equipment.