on a mission to develop a natural carbon dioxide removal technology

The GEA@275 Project was established in order to develop a new and natural carbon capture and storage technology, which could remove up to 20% of the world’s annual CO2 emissions. Read more about the research here.

We have established GEA@275™ j.d.o.o in Croatia and GEA Carbon Capture AS in Norway as business entities in the project. We are looking for investors and partners for a larger research consortium. Beat Global Warming is our environmental organization which will bring science to the people, and enable the grassroots to join and support the project.


  • I have written a proposal with Staša Puškarić to the EU some years ago, and find immense fascination with his concepts and ideas. However, the mechanisms that he proposed for the stimulation of the biological pump of the ocean is so far from mainstream that the research councils tend to ignore their factual basis. There is a long way from the observations and ideas developed in the Adriatic Sea to a viable geoengeneering technique, but clearly it would be well worthwhile to have the research done to test his hypothesis.

    Knut Yngve Børsheim, Senior Research Scientist, dr. philos. Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway.