Gea275 Ocean Tech AS

At Gea275 Ocean Tech our scientists develop technologies to solve real challenges in the ocean industry. Our water column monitoring system will provide big data and knowledge to manage sustainable blue growth, and enable ocean carbon dioxide removal.

About Gea275 Ocean Tech AS

Gea275 Ocean Tech AS was established in Kristiansand, Norway in 2019, and our main goal is to use the GEA@275 carbon dioxide removal technology in order to remove atmospheric CO2 by the natural ocean systems. Before we can implement such a technology in the Southern Ocean, we must know more about the ocean systems.

Water sampling and analysis in the lab will not give us the amount of information at the speed we need it. We have therefore designed a system to automatically monitor the water column in real time. This is needed technology for ocean research, but also a great system for monitoring any parameters in the euphotic zone related to the aquaculture industry and coastal management.

By using a combination of calibrated bio-optical and bio-acoustic sensors and software, we can read the specific bio-optical fingerprint of micro algae species in the water column. The sensors can be calibrated to detect and quantify all specific micro algae species, and could replace water sampling and analysis in the lab. Monitoring of the water column combined with AI enables us to quantify carbon uptake in marine snow, and could potentially predict and give early warning about harmful algal blooms, which is a reoccurring problem for many aquaculture actors and coastal communities around the world.